Welcome to the BlockMadness Community website. BlockMadness is a fun gaming community for everyone! We provide a variety of different servers. We are currently hosting a Minecraft server, A TTT Garry’s Mod server and a Team Fortress 2 server. We also host a TeamSpeak 3 server for everyone’s needs!
And we are planning on expanding our servers soon with multiple Gmod and TF2 servers and possibly other games.


BlockMadness is an awesome growing community, we are continuously expanding our servers for peoples different preferences in games.



We run a variety of different game servers. We are currently working on expanding our servers with multiple servers for various games, like Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2 etc.

Coming soon!

High Quality

We want everyone to experience a lag free gaming session, so we try our hardest to make it the best for you! To make this happen we run the server from our own machines! So we aren't renting a virtual server where everyone else his servers are also, but have our own server!

Server Status


Feel free to contact us about anything. If you have suggestions to improve the community or want to report a player, please use the forums for that

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Who are we?

BlockMadness is a fun gaming community that is running game servers for a variety of different games. We started off as just a Minecraft server which has been going strong for three years now, we have decided to expand our community even further through hosting multiple servers for different games. Through our Minecraft server we have already built up a player base, and now with our multiple game servers our community can enjoy a variety of gameplay with friends!

So, how are we different from all the other communities out there? Well, we strive for the best experience for our players, so we have our own machine to run our servers. With that we are not limited by the donations that come in, so the only thing that is limiting us is our server resources. We are also against unfair banning, something that isn't often seen in allot of other communities. We will accept you as long as you stick to our rules and listen to our staff members.

Our history

BlockMadness started as a simple Minecraft server created for a small group of friends which quickly grew. When we started to live stream on Twitch it was suggested that we should make the server public, so we built a spawn and made the server open to everyone.
Starting off, we only had ten slots which led to the server becoming full too often, and that was the push we needed to get a proper host which would allow us to expand slot size allowing our community to continue to grow.
In January of 2012 we got our own website and donations started to come in. After two years of running a public Minecraft server we rented a dedicated server which came with high server costs, so after we had the server for 3 months we decided to buy a dedicated one. And from that point on we have been running all our servers off our own machine.

Our Team

Our team consists of a kind and friendly group of people who are always working towards improving the community.
First off, we have our Community Managers whose job is to make sure that everything continues to run smoothly throughout the servers. We also have Developers who make sure that our servers continually run well code-wise.
Next, we have our Server Admins who are responsible for handling in-game problems as they arise, as well as answering questions and to take ideas from the community.
Lastly, we have our creative team of Builders who are responsible for such things as the Minecraft server spawn, as well as ongoing projects to enhance quests, arenas, landscape, and community involvement.

You can click the button to see a full list of our current staff

Contact Us

If you have suggestions, issues or questions surrounding something in regards to our community, and would prefer not to post on our forums, feel free to send us an email, or use our Contact form.

Feel free to send us an email if have any questions.

our partners and sponsors

We are a community that is running completely off donations. Although, if you are interested in becoming a partner feel free to send us an email at info@blockmadness.com. Or alternatively you can use the Contact form.